I finally got my copy of ECCO’s CD!! …and to sum it up in one word: AAAAAMAZING!!

If you don’t know who they are, you MUST check them out (www.eastcoastchamberorchestra.com), AND get the CD (of course)! They are dear friends, but also one of the most talented groups of musicians out there today. Period. We were honored to be chosen to create their promo & sizzle videos, as well as being able to photograph their intense and fun recording session with Susan and Silas! Many of those photos, as well as several others taken during rehearsals and during a walk on a snowy mountain, are included in their CD artwork (so yet another reason to get the CD, especially the hard copy!)

The CD features Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings in C major; Shostakovich’s Chamber Symphony in C minor; & Geminiani/Wiancko’s “La Follia” Variations for String Orchestra.

I’m so proud of these guys (and gals!), and look forward to their continued success. Please keep on making musical magic for the rest of us!



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