You would probably never find this man on Dr. Dre or Ful’s marketing campaigns…not their demographic?….well, Dr. Dre, think again! you may be missing out on a whole new market for your stuff!


I recently found these outtakes from a photo shoot last fall, which I took as we walked to our destination. I’m so glad I was able to click a few frames of these passersby (without being obnoxiously intrusive)…It not only goes to show that you are NEVER too old to be electronically fashionable, but it really got me thinking about the true meaning of “cool.” Hey, why wear those little noisy hearing aids when you can use “one of the lightest, loudest, and most durable headphones ever” (in own words). Not to mention your Ful Mini-Sling, and a pro wireless lavalier microphone for top quality sound. Products for the “cool” kids and pros? Maybe, but DEFINITELY for the real “life” pros that just need to hear a little better! …now that’s REALLY cool!

As they walked by us on their intimate park-tour, we all agreed he was definitely cooler than any of us. Just awesome.





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