Well…it’s official!! We launched ILU Media & Design earlier this year, but just recently got to make the announcement public and celebrate with clients, colleagues, and friends! A great night all around, at the awesome Bourbon Blue in Manayunk! Thank You Scherzer Financial Inc. for sponsoring the event and for supporting our work!

For those that couldn’t join us, here’s the story behind the company’s name…ILÚ is the name of a mountain (a tepui or table-top mountain to be exact) located in southern Venezuela, the country where I was born. My father was part of the 1st scientific team to go up and study its geology, and being able to reach the top of one of these amazing mountains was a dream my mother and I always had. It is a magical place, pure, beautiful, and majestic. All words I would love people to associate with the work that we do. It is in any case, what we strive for!

We look forward to all the amazing projects we have lined up, and to sharing our passion and vision with old and new clients. It is a blessing to be able to do the work that we do, thank you all for your love, continued support, and the trust you place in us. Photos from the event can be found in our FB page (if you’re not a fan already, go ahead and LIKE us!) 🙂

Many, many thanks!




PHOTO LEFT TO RIGHT: Efraín Amaya (Music Director), Vanessa Briceño (CEO & Creative Director), Adam Scherzer (Business Development), Susana Amundaraín (Art Director), Brian Pearson (Production Manager), Kyle Jacob (Creative Assistant).


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