Earlier this year Vanessa had the opportunity to work as an on-set photographer for King Toledo & Mashable, during the filming of a series of short stories for Intel, on young innovators working to make the world a better place. We LOVE working on inspirational projects that motivate people, and that help others. Here are their stories, and some of the images! (These two were the girls we photographed, but feel free to browse through Mashable’s list of innovators)

ALISON BICK: Making Your Water Safe, One Picture at a Time

PhotoVBS-AlisonBick-9338 PhotoVBS-AlisonBick-9221PhotoVBS-AlisonBick-9018 PhotoVBS-AlisonBick-9163


MARIAN BECHTEL: Saving Lives One Chord at a Time


PhotoVBS-MarianBechtel-2630 PhotoVBS-MarianBechtel-2667 PhotoVBS-MarianBechtel-2675 PhotoVBS-MarianBechtel-2738

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