I have been photographing musicians for over a decade now, and though I have never seriously played an instrument before**, hiding underneath my uncle’s grand piano and being enveloped by the sound while he practiced the famous Bach Goldberg Variations, Brahms and Beethoven sonatas for hours, was one of my favorite things to do as a child. The piano became my favorite secret hideout at my grandmother’s house, a familiar presence, a friendly voice.

It was an honor to work with Yamaha Artist Services of NY and their artist Ching-Yun Hu this past month at the Curtis Institute of Music. Being able to photograph & listen to the amazing Ching-Yun was a real treat!  

Here are some images from her performance, and also a few taken while the piano was getting tuned…which in my opinion is a really fascinating thing to witness…! How they get all those keys in tune is beyond me!
** (Except for a 3-month run with the recorder, some basic music theory and maybe a year of choir when I was 7 or 8… my very brief -yet apparently valuable- Venezuelan “El Sistema” musical education LOL!)


PhotoVBS-ChingYunHu-2942 PhotoVBS-ChingYunHu-3085

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