We were introduced to the incredible world of ECCO several years ago, while recording some footage for a documentary dealing with Classical Music and its current incarnations. We had no idea we were about to be welcomed by one of the most talented, loving, fun, passionate and inspirational group of musicians we had ever met.

ECCO (East Coast Chamber Orchestra) is a self-conducted chamber orchestra, and the members of the group get together only a few times a year to enjoy a break from their very busy schedules (they are all seasoned professionals, whether as soloists or as members of some of the world’s finest orchestras and chamber groups), and convene each year to hang out with recent and life-long friends, to “explore musical works and perform concerts of the highest artistic quality.” Hands down, some of the best chamber orchestra performances we’ve seen.

As the years went by, we continued documenting, photographing, and archiving their performances and gatherings. If you have not seen them in action, check out the update to their promo (below). We hoped to capture the amazing energy, dedication, and intensity these young performers possess and share with their audiences. If you’re able to make it to any of their limited performances, do not hesitate to get your tickets. Seriously.

For more info on the group, visit eccorchestra.org

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