We create short & long-term customized media management plans & packages designed for each individual client to meet his/her needs in today’s growing media-crazy world. If you’d like to discuss a potential project, please email us at studio@ilumediadesign.com so that we can get back to you with accurate pricing and availability.

Media Management plans:

1. ARCHIVAL: Think of us as your backup media hub! We keep copies and an inventory of all the media files you provide (video, audio, photos, etc.) in your own exclusive hard drive(s). Your privacy and the protection of your personal information are important to us, it is a responsibility we take seriously. Whether you move to a different city, change management, publicist or booking agent, you’ll be able to find all your materials in one place! Call us for details.

2. ACTIVE CONTENT MANAGEMENT: Includes ARCHIVAL. Whether it’s dealing with presenters, press, managers, publicists, we would handle any/all media content inquiries, when you don’t have time to do it yourself.

3. MEDIA DEVELOPMENT PLANNING & ADVISING: Includes ARCHIVAL + ACTIVE CONTENT MGMT. + 7-day/week advising, media creation plans & marketing strategies. It’s our best deal to date!

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